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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2448 English [Readable]

In the blink of an eye, everyone ran away clean. These strong people seemed to be afraid that others would take a step closer to it, so they spared no effort to catch up with the Mountains and Rivers Bell.

Yang Kai turned around and flew back towards the dark red star.

After a short while, he returned to the previous position of the Mountains and Rivers Bell, and looked around with solemn eyes.

There was no one here, but the feeling that made Yang Kai feel restless came from here.

It was for this reason that instead of chasing the Mountains and Rivers Bell like others, he returned here again, trying to figure it out.

After a while, he seemed to have discovered something, his eyes brightened leisurely, and he suddenly came to the original location of the Mountains and Rivers Bell.

This was originally a small mountain peak, but because of the shock of the Mountains and Rivers Bell, the mountain collapsed. At this moment, after the Mountains and Rivers Bell flew away by itself, the place was in a mess.

However, at the location where the Mountains and Rivers Bell originally existed, a distinctive scorching force was slowly dissipating.

Before, everyone’s attention was attracted by the Mountains and Rivers Bell, no one noticed the anomaly here.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but become suspicious, wondering what ghosts thing were here. After thinking about it, he flew into the air and threw his fist downward.

A few shadows of fists fell, and the ground was directly cracked open. A small pit suddenly appeared in the field of vision.

The incredibly violent heat burst out at once, and at the same time, a strong Star Source power swayed away leisurely, making Yang Kai look surprised.

Looking around, there was a piece of hot lava in the pit, and the hot temperature made Yang Kai changes countenance a little, and he didn’t dare to approach it easily.

“The Fire Attribute Star Source?” Yang Kai whispered with a different expression on his eyes. A bold guess came out of his mind.

It is very possible that the Fire Attribute Star Source is hidden here!

The reason why he came to this star is because Zhong Zhenyong said that someone here found traces of the Fire Attribute Star Source, but after coming here, the appearance of the Mountains and Rivers Bell made everyone very excited, and no one thought about the matter of Fire Attribute Star Source.

But who would have thought. The Fire Attribute Star Source was hidden under the Mountains and Rivers Bell, and it looked like it was suppressed by the Mountains and Rivers Bell!

It’s no wonder that dozens of Dao Source Stage holding star seals can’t feel the specific location of the Fire Attribute Star Source. This is the reason.

When Yang Kai came here earlier, he also used the Star Seal to investigate the location of the Fire Attribute Star Source, but it was always vague, making him unable to find out clearly. Thinking about it now, it is definitely because of the existence of Mountain and Rivers Bell.

Now that the Mountains and Rivers Bell flew away by itself, the Fire Attribute Star Source was immediately exposed.

The power of the Star Source is hidden under this magma, and it is precisely because of the Fire Attribute Star Source that this star will give birth to many Fire Attribute Spirit Medicine, and such hot lava will appear here!

Thinking of this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but get excited secretly.

He felt that it was really a wise decision to return to this place. There are so many people chasing for the Mountains and Rivers Bell, and it is certain that they cannot decide the ownerr in a short time. However, the Fire Attribute Star Source is only discovered by him and can be collected at will.

However, Yang Kai now only guessed that the Fire Attribute Star Source was hidden under this magma. As for whether it is true or not, there is no way to judge, and even if it is true, how to get it has not been considered.

The Fire Attribute Star Source is not so easy to collect. One carelessness is very likely to catch fire.

Just when Yang Kai was at a loss, the magma in front of him suddenly boiled, constantly rolling out huge bubbles, and then bursting, the unbearable heat actually became much stronger.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but urge the Source Qi to protect himself, making him feels slightly better.

However, the change in front of him made him very vigilant and stepped back a little.

After a while. The magma in the entire big pit seemed to be boiling, and then immediately. A clear and loud bird’s cry suddenly penetrated the world, echoing in Yang Kai’s ears…

Yang Kai stayed still in place!

He was so familiar with this sound.

Back then when he is doing dual cultivation with Su Yan, when the dragon and phoenix appeared, the cry of the ice phoenix was exactly the same, shocking, and making all souls surrender!


A beautiful fiery red figure flew out of the big pit suddenly. With its appearance, all the heat was transferred, and the magma in the big pit turned into stone in an instant.

The sky was suddenly obscured by a huge figure, and the loud cry went straight above the nine heavens.

Yang Kai looked up blankly, staring at the beautiful and incomprehensible figure, swallowing his saliva, and said with difficulty: “Fire Phoenix!”

The world has the Holy Spirit, and the dragon and the phoenix are respected.

The dragon and the phoenix are both the most powerful beings among the holy spirits. This is almost indisputable. Let alone the dragon, but the phoenix has two major branches.

Fire Phoenix, Ice Phoenix!

These two branches are in charge of the two extreme mysteries of ice and fire, bringing about two levels of differentiation between cold and heat.

The Holy Spirit Vermilion Bird Phoenix that Yang Kai saw in Jade Clear Mountain outside Maplewood City was a kind of fire phoenix. That Vermilion Bird Phoenix’s extinction black flame is simply synonymous with destruction and disaster. Just a mouthful of black flame, make the Jade Clear Mountain burned all the year round. It has attracted countless martial artist who practice fire attribute cultivation techniques and secret techniques to go to Jade Clear Mountain to retreat and enlighten.

And this beautiful and huge figure in front of him is undoubtedly the most orthodox Fire Phoenix! Compared to Vermilion Bird Phoenix blood, it was purer.

Yang Kai never expected that in this Star Fragments Sea, he could actually see a fire phoenix! And it was suppressed under the Mountains and Rivers Bell.

If it hadn’t been for the martial artist who came here to accidentally discover the mountains and rivers bell, the fire phoenix would probably have been sleeping forever without seeing the sun.

“No!” Yang Kai suddenly narrowed his eyes, staring at the fire phoenix hovering in the sky, seeming to find something wrong.

Because he noticed that this fire phoenix had no vitality, it could even be said that it had no flesh and blood. Everything about it is composed of pure energy, and when it appeared, Yang Kai clearly felt the power of the Fire Attribute.

For an instant, Yang Kai suddenly realized that he lost his voice: “Phoenix True Fire!”

Then, where is the Holy Spirit Fire Phoenix? It is clearly the Phoenix True Fire, combined with what Qi Hai said before, Yang Kai immediately realized that this is the Phoenix True Fire left here after Flame Military Great Emperor died!

In terms of value, it is no different from the Mountains and Rivers Bell, and even to some people it is the treasure of heaven and earth. Nothing can compare to it’s existence.

It’s just…Why did the Yuan Ding Great Emperor’s Mountains and Rivers Bell suppress the Flame Military Great Emperor Phoenix True Fire? Didn’t these two great emperor join forces to attack the heaven devourer great emperor?

Yang Kai was suddenly confused, and he didn’t know what happened during those great emperors’ wars. Such a thing happened.

But it’s useless for him to think about things tens of thousands of years ago.

Now that the Phoenix True Fire is right in front of his eyes, the mystery here has also been solved. The Fire Attribute Star Source above this star turned out to be the Phoenix True Fire, which is much more valuable than the ordinary Fire Attribute Star Source.

Phoenix True Fire is ​​the inheritance of Fire Phoenix. The fire phoenix will die, but the Phoenix True Fire will never go out. In this true fire, there are hundreds of thousands of years of experience of the Fire Phoenix clan, no matter who gets this Phoenix True Fire, it is enough for them to soar into the sky.

For Liu Yan, this thing is simply a thing that could help her be reborn. If Liu Yan can absorb and refine it, in time, she is very likely to become another Fire Phoenix!

“Kii!” The loud cry sounded again, awakening Yang Kai from his excited thoughts. Looking around, Yang Kai was startled, and saw that the Phoenix True Fire in the sky suddenly turned into a ball of fire the size of a fist and came straight at him.

At this moment, Yang Kai could be said to have lost his soul.

He is proud and strong, even in the general emperor realm, he dared to fight against it, but in the face of this great existence, the Phoenix True Fire that can burn everything in the world, he didn’t even want to touch it.

If he is hit by it, I’m afraid he will turn into ashes in an instant.

Just when he wanted to run away, a force suddenly surged out of his body uncontrollably.

Immediately afterwards, a high-pitched dragon roar sounded, deafening, and under the golden light, the Golden Holy Dragon Origin, which had been hidden in Yang Kai’s body, seemed to be stimulated by the Phoenix True Fire, directly revealing itself behind Yang Kai.

The huge dragon head, with eyes as big as house is staring. Under the golden light, it was dazzling.

Dragon Roar, Phoenix Cry, for a moment intersect and became brilliant, one after another.

The forces of the two great origins collided in the air, causing the void to collapse and the world to fall apart.

A thunderous sound suddenly came from not far away. It seemed that after being hit, Yang Kai’s eyes were cold, and he turned to look over there, but when he looked around, he found nothing.

At this moment, he has no time to manage other things. He is at the center of the collision between the two great holy spirit origin. He also insists on extremely hard work. If it were not for the support of the Golden Holy Dragon Origin, he would have been broken to pieces. The bones of his body are creaking, his skin is cracking, the blood is constantly flowing, and he looks extremely miserable.

The fire became more and more vigorous, and the Golden Radiance did not show weakness.

Between the heaven and the earth, it seems that only these two colors remain.

This is a confrontation with no entity, this is the competition of the supreme overlord among the holy spirits. Under the agitation of the power of the origin, Yang Kai felt a lot of pain and gained a lot.

But as time passed, the collision of the two Origins seemed to be even more severe. Yang Kai had to activate the Dragon Transformation Secret Art, and the dragon scales covered his whole body. This was also caused by the impact of blood tumbling, It seems possible for him to die at any time.

But although he looked miserable, there was an expression of ecstasy in his eyes.

Because he discovered that he was in the center of the collision, in this short period of time, his comprehension of the origin and the power of the Law had climbed to a new high level. At this moment, some obscure places in the past were suddenly connected.

He was a little expectant, and it would be better for such a collision to continue.


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