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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2449 English [Readable]

What made Yang Kai a little disappointed was that the power of these two supreme origins only collided with each other in less than a cup of tea time, and they suddenly died down and retreated.

However, he could feel that the collision just now seemed to be evenly divided, but in fact it was the Phoenix True Fire that was slightly inferior. The strength of his own Golden Holy Dragon’s origin seems to be a little bit more powerful than the Phoenix True Fire.

This discovery made Yang Kai very excited.

At this moment, he gritted his teeth and suddenly urged the power of the Golden Holy Dragon to wrap forward.

The Phoenix True Fire was caught off guard, screaming constantly under anger, struggling frantically, and the violent power was terrifying.

Yang Kai quickly took the seal with both hands, the Mysterious Boundary Bead was sacrificed, and the gap opened leisurely, and the Phoenix True Fire was directly collected into the Mysterious Small Boundary.

Immediately afterwards, he mobilized the power of the Heaven and Earth of the Mysterious Small Boundary to suppress it in a certain place.

After doing all this, Yang Kai staggered a few steps with a pale face, sweating profusely, as if he was just getting out of the water.

He immersed his mind in the Mysterious Small Boundary in a hurry, and checked the current situation of the Phoenix True Fire, and found that although it struggled fiercely, it was unable to escape under the mighty power of the world, and he was relieved.

The whole person felt a sense of exhaustion, and Yang Kai fell to the ground.

Bringing things like Phoenix True Fire into the Mysterious Small Boundary almost dried up his power of divine sense, which was more expensive than receiving hundreds of Embodiment into it. It can be seen how heaven-defying Phoenix True Fire is.

It’s just that things went so smoothly, which surprised him a bit. It was just an attempt just now, but he didn’t expect to succeed all at once. The credit for this was probably thanks to his Golden Holy Dragon’s Origin power, if it hadn’t been used to suppress the Phoenix True Fire. Yang Kai estimated that even if he had the Mysterious Small Boundary, he would not be able to take it away.

Between heaven and earth, how can the power of the top-ranked Orign be so easily taken away?

Suddenly, a figure appeared from somewhere not far away, with a pale face looking at Yang Kai, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, the same pale face of Yang Kai, with an unbelievable face.

Qi Hai!

It’s unexpected. When everyone was chasing the Mountains and Rivers Bell, Qi Hai unexpectedly used a concealment technique and hid quietly.

However, when the two powers of the Orign collided with each other, he was also affected a little, and his expression seemed to be because he was slightly injured. It is estimated that he knows his whereabouts have been exposed, and he simply no longer hides it, but shows his figure generously.

He looked at Yang Kai with complicated eyes, but he did not step forward immediately. He didn’t show any hostility, he just stood there quietly.

Although Yang Kai was recovering from meditation, he also paid a little attention to Qi Hai’s movements. The cunningness of this guy made him a little refreshing. If it weren’t for the muffled hum that Qi Hai had made when he was injured, Yang Kai didn’t expect that there would be other people here other than him.

The reason why Qi Hai stayed secretly was obviously some unknown plan, and Yang Kai guessed that it might be related to the Phoenix True Fire. In other words, Qi Hai had known that the Phoenix True Fire was suppressed under the Mountains and Rivers Bell, so he didn’t chase the Mountains and Rivers Bell.

For a time. The two of them were silent. The dark red stars temperature seems to drop sharply after the Phoenix True Fire was taken away, and there was a creaking sound around them because of the temperature drop.

After half an hour, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes.

Half an hour aura adjustment. Although it is not enough for him to fully replenish the power of the divine sense that he has consumed, he is not so tired anymore. He also has colorful Mild Soul Lotus, which nourishes the divine soul all the time, so there is no need to deliberately restore the divine sense.

He turned his head. He took a deep look at Qi Hai.

This guy has been standing here, he didn’t bother him to recover, he didn’t even mean to leave, he didn’t know what he wanted to do.

However, Yang Kai could see that he was indeed not hostile, but because of his astonishing behavior just now, there was a deep sense of fear in his eyes.

Seeing Yang Kai looking towards him, Qi Hai looked at him with a serious expression, and carefully clasped his fists: “Qi Hai, my friend should know that I don’t know the name of my friend, how should I call him?”

“Yang Kai!” Yang Kai didn’t conceal his name either, because he is not that famous now, not as famous as those top disciples of the big sects, so it doesn’t matter if he reports his real name.

“It turned out to be Brother Yang, I’m lucky enough to meet!” Qi Hai clasped his fist again, still wondering in his heart. He kept thinking about the names of the elite disciples of the big sects in the four major territory of the star boundary, but found that no one has the name Yang Kai.

“Brother Qi Hai has something wrong?” Yang Kai asked lightly.

Qi Hai smiled and said: “There is indeed something wrong, Qi has a ruthless request…”

Yang Kai hummed: “Since it’s a ruthless request, then don’t ask.”

“Uh…” Qi Hai was stunned suddenly and was a little speechless. He was only being polite when he said that, but he didn’t expect Yang Kai to give such an inhumane answer that made him really helpless.

“I’m a little curious.” Yang Kai was looking at Qi Hai, unperturbed. “Everyone is chasing the mountains and rivers bell, why did Brother Qi Hai stay here quietly? Did he already know what the inside story was?”

Thinking about it now, Qi Hai has extensive knowledge of the past and the present, and knows many secrets that others don’t know. He revealed the previous information about the great emperors. If he knew some inside stories but didn’t say it, it would be reasonable.

Qi Hai raised his brows and asked instead: “What about Brother Yang? You go and come back, don’t you know something?”

Yang Kai said lightly: “I just suddenly got a stomachache, I ran back and prepared to relieved myself!”

Qi Hai listened with a black line.

Yang Kai continued, “Brother Qi Hai has been hiding by the side. Didn’t you see that I hit a big hole in the ground when I came back? I was going to relieve myself there, but I didn’t expect such thing to happen!”

The corner of Qi Hai’s mouth twitched, “Brother Yang is really lucky!”

He had unbelieving expression on his face, and Yang Kai didn’t mind at all. He smiled, and said, “Brother Qi, if you know something, you might as well say it. It’s already like this. You continue to hide it. It’s meaningless.”

Qi Hai’s complexion was slightly sinking and looked a little lonely. He sighed for a long time and nodded, “I do know something.”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and said, “Let’s listen.”

Qi Hai said: “I know the Phoenix True Fire is suppressed under the Mountains and Rivers Bell!”

Yang Kaiqi said: “This matter makes me puzzled. Didn’t Yuan Ding Great Emperor and Flame Military Great Emperor join forces to deal with Heaven Devourer Great Emperor? Why did Yuan Ding Great Emperor use Mountains and Rivers Bell to supress the Phoenix True Fire of Flame Military Great Emperor! Could it be they are enemy?”

Qi Hai shook his head and said: “Brother Yang is wrong. Yuan Ding Great Emperor and Flame Military Great Emperor are indeed companions, and they are also working together to deal with Heaven Devourer Great Emperor. There are actually other reasons for using the Mountains and Rivers Bell to supress the Phoenix True Fire. ”

“I’d like to hear the details.” Yang Kai said with a solemn expression.

Qi Hai pondered for a moment, and then said: “Heaven Devourer Great Emperor has hands and eyes that reach the sky. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is the strongest in the star boundary since ancient times. But even though he is the Great Emperor, he is not immortal after all. At that time, no one could surpass his cultivation level, but he wanted more. Brother Yang think, what does he want when his strength and status reaches this level?”

Yang Kai is not a fool. After listening to Qi Hai’s words, why can’t he guess it? There was a flash of light in his eyes, and he said in shock: “Eternal life?”

Qi Hai nodded and said, “Yes, the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor wants to live eternal life!”

Yang Kai took a cold breath: “What a big appetite.”

Qi Hai smiled: “You and I are not yet in this state. If you and I have the ability of Heaven Devourer Great Emperor, we might also consider this aspect. But is it so easy to achieve an immortal body? It’s rumored that there is a kind of world treasure in this world, it is the thing formed when the heaven and the earth are first opened and the chaos is not divided. The name of that thing is Eternal Tree!”

Yang Kai’s eyelids twitched slightly.

Qi Hai continued: “According to ancient times, if you can get an Eternal Tree, you can achieve immortality!”

Yang Kai laughed: “Does Brother Qi believe this kind of falsehood?”

Qi Hai looked at him solemnly, and said, “Why don’t you believe it?”

Yang Kai said solemnly: “A tree can make a person immortal? This is just things to deceive a child. Brother Qi Hai is such an adult, don’t believe this nonsense.”

Qi Hai shook his head and said, “Between the world and the earth, there are few great creations, and each of them has an incomprehensible and unimaginable effect. Eternal Tree can indeed make people immortal.”

Yang Kai looked surprised, and said, “Is this true? Then Brother Qi Hai knows how to achieve immortal body with this Eternal Tree?”

Qi Hai smiled bitterly: “I don’t know this kind of thing. How can it be so easy to see the Eternal Tree? There are definitely no more than five people who can see it.”

Yang Kai want to deny it but he refrain from doing so. When he got the Eternal Tree, at least six or seven people saw it.

But Qi Hai didn’t know how to use the Eternal Tree, which inevitably made him a little disappointed. He thought that since Qi Hai was so knowledgeable, maybe he could get some information about the Eternal Tree from him.

After he got the Eternal Tree back then, he also tried refining to achieve that immortal body.

But no matter how hard he tried, he found that he couldn’t refine the Eternal Tree at all. Back then, he only had the Origin Returning Stage cultivation level, which can be said to be low in strength. Now he is in the 3rd-order Dao Source Stage, and he still can’t refine it.

The biggest function of the Eternal Tree now is to bring vitality to the Mysterious Small Boundary, to allow the spirit medicine in the medicine garden to grow faster, and to shorten the growth cycle of those spirit medicine. Yang Kai can occasionally use the rich vitality exuded by the Eternal Tree to heal injuries. Other than that, it had no effect. As for how to achieve the Immortal Body, Yang Kai didn’t even have a clue.


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