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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2450 English [Readable]

“Heaven Devourer Great Emperor once went to search for the Eternal Tree. He even broke the boundary restriction and went to countless Star Field on the lower planes, and every time he went to a Star Field, there would be countless Cultivation Star devoured by him, many life were lost, and it is for this reason that he will arouse the anger of the people, and the anger of the Heaven.” Qi Hai said, “It is a pity that even the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor cannot find the Eternal Tree.”

Yang Kai was afraid after listening for a while.

What he can be sure of is that the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor has never been to the Hengluo Star Field. If he has been there, maybe he can really find the Eternal Tree, but his arrival will surely bring an indelible disaster to the Hengluo Star Field.

Qi Hai continued: “The Eternal Tree can’t be found, the Heaven Emperor Great Emperor can only think of another method. The world has said that the reason why the great emperors will encircle and suppress the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor in Star Fragments Sea is because his approach is no longer acceptable. In fact, this is just part of the reason.”

Yang Kai looked at him and asked, “What else is there?”

“There is another biggest reason. He wants to attack another great emperor and snatch something from that great emperor!”

When Yang Kai heard the words, his mind changed sharply, as if he had remembered something, and exclaimed: “Could it be…”

Qi Hai nodded and said: “Yes, it is exactly what Brother Yang thought. If there is nothing wrong with the Great Emperor, it is impossible to fight against each other, but the practice of the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor has undoubtedly touched all the Great Emperor reverse scale. If they don’t even pay attention to this kind of thing, then they may be the next unlucky one. So they united together and declared war with the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor. That battle broke the sky and the earth. The world collapsed, later forming this Star Fragments Sea!”

“And what the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor want to snatch, it is the Phoenix True Fire of Flame Military Great Emperor!” Qi Hai looked solemnly, “The Phoenix True Fire is the inheritance of the Fire Phoenix. The Fire Phoenix will die, but the Phoenix True Fire will never go out, It also possesses the divine ability of Nirvana rebirth. Therefore, the Phoenix True Fire is also called the Nirvana True Fire, which is the number one thing among the different fires of the heaven and the earth. The Heaven Devourer Great Emperor wants to obtain the Phoenix True Fire and understand the mystery of eternal life from it. If the Heaven Devourer Great Emperor succeeds, then he might really get what he wants.”

“During that battle, Flame Military Great Emperor, who was taken care of by Heaven Devourer Great Emperor, was the first to fall, and the Phoenix True Fire was also beaten out. In order to prevent Heaven Devourer Great Emperor from getting the Phoenix True Fire, Yuan Ding Great Emperor use his own Mountains and Rivers Bell to supress it. Without the Mountains and Rivers Bell, Yuan Ding Great Emperor’s strength plummeted and he followed in the footsteps of Flame Military Great Emperor, but the Mountains and Rivers Bell and the suppressed Phoenix True Fire were sent away by another Great Emperor in the scuffle. He has been missing since then!”

“Over the years. Countless martial artist have entered the Star Fragments Sea to find the treasures left by the great emperor, but few people know that the Phoenix True Fire has been suppressed under the Mountains and Rivers Bell.”

After hearing what Qi Hai said, Yang Kai immediately understood why he had to stay secretly. He couldn’t help grinning and said, “Brother Qi Hai knows so much.”

Qi Hai said: “It is also for some special reasons that Qi always pays attention to the informations of Phoenix True Fire, and even read countless Ancient Book.”

“Special reason?” Yang Kai frowned.

Qi Hai clasped his fists and said: “This Qi’s Wife was severely injured 20 years ago. She was unconscious, although Qi tried his best to save her life and barely extend her life, it was not a long-term solution, I wanted save her, besides the Undying Source Liquid on the Eternal Tree, there is only the Phoenix True Fire in this world.”

Yang Kai’s complexion sank, and he coldly snorted, “Brother Qi Hai is looking for me to ask for the Phoenix True Fire? If so, then you might have misunderstood Yang. I had a good chat with you just now, but I didn’t expect Brother Qi has this plan, goodbye!”

“Brother Yang misunderstood.” Qi Hai hurriedly waved his hand, “Can you listen to me again?”

Yang Kai looked at him coldly and said: “I am not close to you, why should I care about your troubles?”

Qi Hai sweated anxiously on his forehead and said, “If Brother Yang is willing to do me this favor, then Qi is willing to pay any price. As long as Brother Yang speaks, Qi will definitely do it for you.”

“Even if I want you to die?” Yang Kai grinned, revealing an evil smile.

Qi Hai’s expression changed slightly, but he quickly smiled freely and easily: “If Brother Yang really saves my wife, Qi will definitely do it for you.”

Yang Kai moved slightly, and the corner of his mouth twitched: “Madman!”

Qi Hai smiled and said, “I don’t know if Brother Yang has ever met a woman who he can live and die together in the lifetime. If he has ever met such woman, then he will definitely understand Qi’s mood.”

Several beautiful figures flashed in front of Yang Kai’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

He was thinking, if those few people encountered such a thing, what would he do? Suddenly, he somewhat understood Qi Hai’s mood.

“Although it’s a pity, I can’t give you the Phoenix True Fire.” Yang Kai shook his head. The Phoenix True Fire is too precious. He wants to leave it to Liu Yan, so he can’t just give it to Qi Hai.

God knows if what Qi Hai said is true or not? Even if it is true, he have no friendship with him.

Qi Hai said: “Brother Yang really misunderstood. I didn’t want your Phoenix True Fire.”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “Then what do you want?”

Qi Hai replied: “I just thought, if its convenient for Brother Yang, can you come with me? You only need to use some of the nirvana divine ability of the Phoenix True Fire, it will be enough to save my wife, and there is no loss to you.”

“Just so?” Yang Kai asked unexpectedly.

“Just that!” Qi Hai nodded sternly.

Yang Kai pondered for a while, and then said, “Your wife, what kind of injury did she suffer? Why is it necessary to use the Phoenix True Fire to save her life?”

Qi Hai’s expression dimmed, and said: “It is not so much injury, as it is a kind of cold poison. Outside the border of our East Territory, there is a vast wild ancient land, and few people set foot in that wild ancient land. Therefore, opportunity and danger coexist. Many strong people in the East Territory like to go to the wild ancient land to explore and experience. My wife went to the wild ancient land alone 20 years ago. A month later, she was seriously injured and was unconscious. Through my Qi family alchemist, he diagnosed that the poison in my wife body was the Heavenly Frost Earth Continuous Rain!”

“Heavenly Frost Earth Continuous Rain!” Yang Kai’s expression changed when he heard the words, and he lost his voice: “Ten Extreme Poison?”

Qi Hai looked at Yang Kai unexpectedly and said, “Brother Yang knows Heavenly Frost Earth Continuous Rain?”

Yang Kai nodded gently: “I’ve heard it.”

Qi Hai smiled bitterly: “Since Brother Yang heard it, he also said that it is one of the top ten extreme poisons, so naturally people who have been infected by this poison have basically no cure.”

“That’s true!” Yang Kai sighed slightly. The ten extreme poisons has no cure. Basically, they are waiting to die, unless they encounter some world treasures, such as the Eternal Tree.

“However, the Phoenix True Fire with Nirvana’s divine ability may bring a ray of life to my wife.” Qi Hai looked at Yang Kai with scorching eyes, and said: “I entered the Star Fragments Sea this time, the main purpose is to find the Phoenix True Fire. I was thinking about bringing it back to my Qi Family stronghold, but… after seeing what happened just now, Qi realized that he was thinking too simple. With my current strength, let alone conquer the Phoenix True Fire, I can’t even get close.”

Qi Hai naturally saw the scene where Yang Kai’s Golden Holy Dragon’s origin power exploded, and the battle with the Phoenix True Fire, the terrifying battle made him tremble.

“Brother Qi looked at me to highly, although i took it, but i only able to suppressed it temporarily.” Yang Kai explained lightly.

“Suppression…” Qi Hai gulped his saliva. This sounded more unbelievable than Yang Kai had already subdued Phoenix True Fire, and he muttered with admiration: “Brother Yang is really a god.”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “Although Brother Qi’s feelings for his wife’s wife moved me, please forgive Yang for being powerless.”

Qi Hai’s complexion darkened, and he knew that this kind of thing could not be forced. Yang Kai hasn’t even subdue the Phoenix True Fire, let alone refine it. Even if he wants to help, he can’t help. This is the truth. If he want to save his wife, Yang Kai must refine the Phoenix True Fire first, and then they can talk about it, otherwise once the Phonix True Fire is sacrificed, let alone save people, I’m afraid people will be burned to ashes in an instant.

“Then… After Brother Yang has refined the Phoenix True Fire in the future, can you go to Qi Family Stronghold in East Territory?” Qi Hai looked at Yang Kai pleadingly, and said earnestly: “Now there is only one way for my wife to survive, Brother Yang can rest assured that what Qi has seen before will never be spread out, otherwise he will be struck by lightning.”

“Qi Family Stronghold is in East Territory?” Yang Kai frowned.


“If you are in the East Territory, I might go there.” Yang Kai nodded. This time, no matter whether he can get xiao xiao information from Yin Lesheng or not, he will go to the East Territory, because xiao xiao is very likely wandering in the East Territory.

“Really?” Qi Hai was overjoyed when he heard the words, and said at a loss: “It’s great. By the way, if Brother Yang goes to the East Territory, just ask about the wild ancient land. My Qi Family Stronghold is near the wild ancient land.”

“Let’s talk at that time.” Yang Kai didn’t agree in one word. It’s a fact that it’s not easy to make a promise, otherwise Qi Hai might hate him if he fails to fulfill the agreement by then.

Qi Hai obviously understands this, but now the initiative is entirely in Yang Kai’s hands, and he can’t force it. He can only take out a communication bead from the space ring and carefully hand it to Yang Kai: “Brother Yang, this is Qi’s communication bead, there may be some use for it in the future.”

Yang Kai took it, threw it into the Space Ring, and said with a fist, “Then let’s stop here.”

Qi Hai looked complicated and nodded.

Before Yang Kai left here, Qi Hai suddenly said, “Brother Yang, wait!”

“What?” Yang Kai looked back at him.

Qi Hai sternly said, “Brother Yang wants to chase the mountains and rivers bell?”

Yang Kai grinned and said, “How can I miss the treasure of the Great Emperor? I should try it.”

Qi Hai said: “Yuan Ding Great Emperor Mountains and Rivers Bell is infinitely powerful. If you want to subdue it, basically no one in Dao Source Stage can succeed. Unless you get the approval of the Artifact Spirit and let it take the initiative to choose the master.”

Yang Kai shook his hair when he heard the words, and said chicly: “I’m so handsome, it might fancy me.”

Qi Hai’s face was dark.


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